Weapons Modifications - 30/1/18

Hey F4NV fans and supporters! With Monday comes another weekly Devlog!

For this week, we wanted to talk a bit about our approach to weapons and weapon modifications in F4NV, as we've received a number of questions about them from various people, and felt that it might be a subject of interest for folks.

In Fallout: New Vegas, weapon modifications were generally linear improvements in weapon utility. Their focus was on providing a simple improvement in weapon function, be it an improvement in weapon durability, or better optics, or more damage. Aside from some upgrades for laser weapons, there was little in the way for upgrades that provided players with distinct changes in the way weapons might function.

F4NV, while being very closely tied to the ideas of Fallout: New Vegas, will be taking a different approach.

One of the main goals of F4NV is to avoid a "X is better than Y" system of balance. We feel that such systems - while certainly viable in some games - make character builds and perks less viable, and punish player choice. And while poor choices should have consequences, in the world of firearms and weapons there's not really such thing as a "best" weapon, only one that's best in a given situation. F4NV aims to emulate that, and our take on the weapon modification system is meant to help encourage that.

Generally, our aim with weapon upgrades will be to create choice - unlike in Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 4, where one receiver or upgrade was often simply better than the others, F4NV will be adding receivers that are often just different. For instance, this may mean that a player that finds a basic Laser Rifle and chooses to upgrade it will have their choice of upgrades based around the various types of fire mode and functionality that the laser rifles found in Fallout 4 have - shotgun, fully automatic, etc.

This will mean that various weapons will be useful to different player builds, and also should encourage players to get perks that help them to improve with their weapon of choice.

We'll also be working with Perks to help make different weapons more useful into the late-game, while also working to rebalance weapon builds that are more overpowered or broken (we're looking at you, 'And Stay Back.') This should make similar weapons with different minor differences between them more differentiated and useful to different builds

Overall, we think that by working towards a more player-rewarding balance infrastructure, we'll be able to make more player builds viable!

That's it for this week's Devlog. We hope it's managed to give you a tiny look at our philosophy regarding weapons, and explained a little bit of our take on how combat in F4NV will be different from both Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas. Stay tuned for more content updates into the week, and until next time, stay classy!

Gambling - 23/1/18

Website Assets Featured Content Friday.

For this week's Featured Content Friday, we wanted to focus on something a little different. Alongside the core art and assets we need made for F4NV, we also have team members working on things on the logistical side of things, such as our website.

As such, this week we wanted to showcase some of the excellent art done for our website by Web Team member Nicks!

Like all other things we at Team F4NV do, we aim for a high level of quality for all of our work. Our website is no exception, and the work Nicks and the other members of our web team is nothing short of fantastic!

Gambling - 23/1/18

Hey F4NV fans and supporters, and welcome to another weekly devlog!

This last week has been another typical productive week for Team F4NV. With our team now entirely back in top form following the holidays and various academic trials endemic to this time of year, things have been carrying on with renewed focus.

Among other things, some early progress on gambling systems has recently been showcased by Scrivener07 and The White Collar Players!

Given the important role of gambling within Fallout: New Vegas, the framework introduced by Barstool Games brings us one step closer to a a system-complete version of F4NV, and being able to watch such a brilliant implementation at work is nothing short of fantastic.

Alongside this, our level design team has been making steady progress with their initial expansion pass on the areas outside Goodsprings while the town itself is now being polished up. This means that upon completion of Goodsprings itself, much of the surrounding worldspace will also be playable, if not 100% complete, and means our quest design team shouldn't need to worry about delays at any one spot. Reducing these possible bottlenecks now will make a serious difference down the line, as the team won't have to worry about specific content being finished before having anything to do.

All in all, work on F4NV has remained steady, so there isn't much in the way of exciting development news on the radar for this week. Some very exciting announcements are resting in the wings right now, but we'd like to get things just a little bit further along before we announce them.

Thanks all for reading this week's devlog, and stay tuned for the end of the week for some hot-off-the-press content updates. Until then, stay classy!

Happy New Year from all of us at Team F4NV - 8/1/18

As you've no doubt seen by now, we've released our first gameplay trailer! Some proper shoutouts are in order, as well as some explanations about what all we showcased there.

The real star of the show there is LevelUpMenuEx. Developed by Neanka with support from Fallout: Cascadia, the F4SE Team, and Team F4NV, it's an incredible framework that'll allow mod teams to add new perks and skills to Fallout 4. Plugging in the Perk, Traits, and Skills systems we've been working on, this effectively allows us to create the Fallout: New Vegas character systems as you know and love them!

Alongside that, you also might have noticed the DT system at play. This works as it did in Fallout: New Vegas, mitigating damage from enemies with weaker weapons. As we implement the various ammunitions found in Fallout: New Vegas, this system will grow and expand, gradually helping to piece together the combat system we're aiming to implement. Alongside that, many will have noticed us taking advantage of Fallout 4's destructible environments. We're currently aiming for F4NV to take better advantage of this system than stock Fallout 4, as we all feel that it'll make combat play out in a far more dynamic manner. In addition to that is the faction and karma systems on display. Many have asked, so to state so clearly: The Faction and Karma systems shown in that trailer are fully-functional as of present. Nothing shown there was a mockup. Both systems are intended to work as they did in Fallout: New Vegas (though we intend to tweak the Karma system so that it serves more of a role in F4NV,) but otherwise operate just as you remember them. All in all, the video is a brief snapshot into but a part of F4NV's first 5 months of development.

Moving beyond the video, work has continued into the new year, with efforts focused on polishing and finishing off our first milestone area prior to us moving on to the rest of the game world. A completed Goodsprings means for us that we have the assets to press forward through much of the game world up into Boulder City, and creates a foundation for sustainable development on the rest of the game world. Currently progress continues apace, as does our forays into working on an initial pass on the areas outside of Goodsprings.

Our asset team has meanwhile been continuing work on key environmental objects, smaller items that will help to transform our Fallout 4 mod into a true to material remake. We soon hope to show off a small sample of these assets, so stay tuned for that.

All in all, Team F4NV hopes for 2018 to be even more productive and incredible than 2017! With that, we'll wrap up this week's Devlog. Stay tuned for more content going into the week, and until next time, stay classy!

2018 Kick Off - 1/1/18

Happy New Year from all of us at Team F4NV.

As a little jump-start to another great year of progress, how about a little video showcase?

Mod Of The Year 2017 - 26/12/17

We're excited to announce that thanks to the support of each and every one of you, Fallout 4: New Vegas has come in 2nd place in ModDB's Best Upcoming Mod - Player's Choice category! From all of us here at Team F4NV, thanks so much for your support, and for taking the time to vote for us!

Mod of year promotional image for the winner of Best Upcoming Mods

Christmas Message 2017 - 25/12/17

From all of us at Team F4NV, Merry Christmas! Be it you're spending it with friends and family, reflecting alone, simply relaxing, or you're one of the tireless workers ensuring others can enjoy today, we wish you all the best, and look forward to a new year of progress and excitement!

Weapons from Arizona - 23/12/17

From Arizona comes hailing a warrior force, consisting of the surviving tribes it comes across. The Legion. Ruthless, cunning and strong, they are just as good as the tools they use to end their enemies. These are the ones no legionnaire is found without, almost an extension of their arms.

The makeshift machete, the tool of the initiated. Crude, made with only wood, a lawnmower blade and some bolts, it is simple but effective. More than one have been the end of NCR soldiers. The Machete Gladius, scourge of the Legion's foes. Using classic roman designs while adapting it for the harsh desert enviroment, and usually on the hands of experienced Legion forces, it is something to be feared.

The Bow, a primitive but deadly weapon on the hands of a trained archer. They were common on the tribes before being absorbed, and still are common as ranged weapons for when firearms aren't around or when they need silence and precision.