Important Update! - 12/03/18

Hey F4NV fans and supporters, and welcome to another weekly devlog.

For this week, in light of issues that have arisen within our corner of the Fallout 4 modding community, we have a single fairly massive change in our project's planning to discuss.

As many of you likely know, our sister project, Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland, has indefinitely halted development on their mod. This follows discussions with Bethesda that indicated that the method both our project and theirs were intending to use to extract and port the audio from Fallout: New Vegas/Fallout 3 was not allowed.

We've been aware of this issue for a couple of weeks, and have spent the time exploring options for Fallout 4: New Vegas. After long internal discussion and consultations with intellectual property lawyers, we have finally come to a conclusion.

F4NV's development will go on. However, changes in our development plans will be needed for us to accomplish our goal of a fully realized remake of Fallout: New Vegas.

Core to this is the newest portion of our development team, the Voice Acting department. Team F4NV had initially considered setting up a voice team during its early days, and a study on the requirements and feasibility of this was discussed in-depth, factoring the amount of acting needed per-character, number of characters voiced by how many voice actors, and a number of other key factors. At the time, operating with the understanding that we were able to use the original New Vegas audio, we deemed a voice acting project to be far too much work, for far too little reward.

However, with the shift in our priorities, we now are able to draw upon this previous detailed examination to work out the best possible approach for Team F4NV to create a high-quality, entertaining mod.

Central to that is the way voice acting will be managed within Team F4NV. Unlike other teams such as the Level Design or Asset Creation teams, our Voice Acting team will be operating autonomously, working with voice actors on roles suited to their unique voice. As a result, their work will not be bound to the same milestone structure as the rest of the team. This means that often the VA team will be working on content totally different from that which the rest of the team is focusing their efforts on, but we've modified our release roadmap planning system to compensate for that.

What this means to anybody who downloads any releases of F4NV, ultimately, is that our release schedule won't be impacted at all by the addition of new voice acting. This, of course, comes with a minor catch.

Due to the way that the Voice Acting Team will be operating separately from the core project team, this means that their work will be included as it is ready. While this will mean that certain parts of the game will be fully voiced far ahead of schedule, other areas may end up lagging behind. As a result, F4NV releases may end up going out without voiceover recorded for certain characters, depending on where our VA Team stands at any given point in time. While disappointing, we feel that this approach best allows us to keep the project on-track, while also allowing us to maintain a high standard of quality within the project.

While this may seem discouraging, thanks to the way F4NV has set itself up internally, this shift has taken little to no effort on the part of the team, and development has continued on at a steady pace without issue.

We will be making an announcement in the immediate future when all of the infrastructure is in place for us to accept voice acting applicants, so those of you who are interested, watch this space in the meantime!

Thanks to each and every one of you for your support. While our journey to a finished mod has gotten a little more complicated, between the fantastically skilled people in F4NV, and the strong wind of our wonderful community's support at our backs, we can overcome this bump in the road.

Keep an eye out for further updates from Team F4NV, and until next time, Stay Classy!

F4NV Launcher! - 09/03/18

Hey F4NV fans and supporters, and welcome to another Featured Content Friday!

For this week's showcase, continuing our theme of items that are frequently overlooked, we wanted to take this week to showcase the hard work of Scripting Team Lead Shavkagarikia and Audio Team Lead Tostikaas, and their work on the F4NV Launcher!

Built from the ground up for F4NV, our Launcher is meant to allow users to quickly and easily launch F4NV from their desktop, and packs in some extra functionality to allow users and modders alike to easily work with community-created content, both for Fallout 4 and F4NV alike!

F4NV Launcher!

The Launcher not only includes the obvious ability to launch F4NV, but also includes a mod/plugin updater that checks for more recent releases of F4NV or key supporting frameworks such as F4SE, and will allow you to automatically download up-to-date builds as we release them! The Launcher also features a plugin picker, so that users are able to readily pick and choose mods/plugins for use with F4NV. This benefits both normal users, who may wish to install additional mods to tweak and change their F4NV experience, but will also allow modders to quickly and easily launch their own mods for testing without relying on additional mod managers or launchers. While no replacement for dedicated mod management suites such as Mod Organizer, Nexus Mod Manager, or Vortex, the F4NV Launcher provides a quick and easy alternative for those who wish to use it.

The screenshot featured here shows an early, in-development version of the launcher, and so elements remain subject to change, but we felt that showcasing such an easily overlooked yet key element of F4NV was important enough to warrant this early sneak peek.

Solid progress towards both major and minor milestones. - 06/03/18

Hey F4NV fans and supporters, and welcome to another weekly devlog!

The last week has seen slow and steady progress within F4NV, with our main teams making plenty of solid progress towards both major and minor milestones.

The recent update of Fallout 4 and F4SE has had little to no impact on our scripting/level design team (aside from some cool new additions to F4SE,) leaving us working happily forwards on our goals. Hot topic items for the last week were the Hardcore systems and survival mechanics, as well as our ever-going work on implementing the quests from Fallout: New Vegas.

Our Level Design team members, meanwhile, have been carrying on with a combination of pre-production for farther out objectives, and work on core locations nearer to our current focuses. We soon to show off some of that in the near future, but in the meantime continue working to polish and tweak things so that it's set up in a manner that meets our standards.

Beyond that, work on the asset team has also continued, with a lot of continued focus on minor assets. As a result, there's little in the way of large, exciting news on this front, but lots of smaller progress on a regular basis as we forge ahead on our milestone goals.

All in all, the last week has been productive and unexciting, which is great for us internally, but not so much for thrilling devlogs! While we like to talk about all the exciting stuff Team F4NV gets up to, we feel that an important part of that is being honest about what we're doing at a given time. This will mean less exciting content from time to time, but we feel that's less important than keeping our community in the loop! Stay tuned for more updates into the week, including our Friday featured content! Until next time, Stay Classy!

Boxing Times - 03/03/18

For this week's Featured Content Friday, we wanted to offer another look into the progress our 2d team has made on some of the decor of the wasteland!

When the fists are flying and you're backed into the corner of the ring, this magazine is there to keep you ready to come back into round 2 giving it your all! By 2d team member Gem Guerrero Art, the cover to Boxing Times provides and absolutely incredible update on the original magazine cover. -> Gem Guerrer

Next up, from 2d Team Lead Bigcman, is one of the variations on the Rita's Cafe billboards found throughout the Mojave! Given the advertising sprawl of the open highways, a very high level of attention has been given over to ensuring that the billboards found along the highways are both distinctive, varied, and interesting!

Ritta's Cafe

Progress and Problem Solving - 26/02/18

Hey F4NV fans and supporters, and welcome to another Monday devlog!

The last week has been one of progress and problem solving. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the update to F4SE had caused some issues with some of the quest and systems scripting our team had been working on. Thankfully, we've finally been able to work past that issue, and we're now back on track with the various scripting projects that had been held up.

Many of these projects are core to the functionality of F4NV, so being able to work on them again means that our rate of work should see a substantial increase in the coming days and weeks.

Work on the level design front continues much as it has, being steady and productive. Efforts have continued to focus on worldspace detailing and environmental adjustments to better tailor the various combat spaces within the game. A major focus over the last week has been on verticality within environments - Fallout 4's better combat systems enable both players and enemies to take advantage of elevated positions for combat arena control, as well as lower positions to enable movement between points of cover.

Asset creation also continues to make steady progress towards filling out the Mojave, with a number of generic items being finished or getting closed to being finished. As showcased this last Friday, these minor generic items greatly add to the atmosphere of areas, and we're all excited to further showcase just how much of a difference these items make in the F4NV environments.

All in all, this last week has been a steady step forward for the project, and plenty of fantastic new content is coming down the pipes that we hope to be able to publicly showcase in the very near future. Stay tuned for some more cool content we hope to show this Friday, and until next time, Stay Classy!

Coffee King Coffee Machine - 24/02/18

Friday means more Featured Content!

For this week's post, we wanted to focus on a couple of smaller items, the tiny details that make the environments of the Mojave feel not just like a game level, but like a game world. -> Marie Delwart

Small TV

To that end, we wanted to showcase both the small TV, by 3d assets team member Quaz30 (aka Paul,) as well as the Coffee King coffee machine by 3d team member Marie Delwart.

Smaller assets like this rarely stand out on their own, but that makes showcasing the tiny details that these items bring to the table and make the worldspace feel more alive all the more important.

Coffee King Coffee Machine

Western House Kit - 20/02/18

F4NV, as a whole, tends to aim for a focus on specific milestone areas. Team members will be guided towards assets, scripts, and level design projects that tie into these goals, so as to ensure we meet them on-time and at an appropriate quality standard. However, given the realities of the different timescales of various development processes, this may mean that one team is partially slowed by their needs for assets from another, or may end up completing their goals as part of the milestone ahead of schedule.

When this happens with the level design team, efforts are focused on utilization of pre-existing assets and material swaps (a method to change the appearance of an asset without changing the model,) to create assets that may be needed later down the road. The screenshots showcased this week, for instance, are part of that process.

Many of the factory-styled buildings in Fallout 4 do not match up with the look and feel of the bombed out structures found in the Vegas ruins. While they're gorgeous buildings in their own right, and our Level Design team has found plenty of uses for the assets within, some custom work was needed to mimic the shattered and windswept structures of the Vegas ruins, while still providing a more interesting interpretation of these oft-forgettable locations.

The process of creating one or two of these buildings allows our level design staff to quickly address deficiencies in the assets they need to complete their work on them, and allow them to plan ahead for future sprints in those regions! This ultimately means that down the line, development will be able to move faster in these area, and that the asset team will be able to slowly pivot to asset creation in those areas as needed without any unpleasant surprises.

Western House Kit - 17/02/18

With the coming of another Friday is the coming of more Friday Featured Content!

For this week, we wanted to feature the Western House Kit by 3d team member Glenn Donnelly -> Glenn's Portfolio

With the differences in setting between Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4, despite our best efforts to reuse the assets present in the base game, we sometimes require new architectural assets. Among those that are key for F4NV is the Western House Kit. Providing us with the assets needed to recreate the homes found within Fallout: New Vegas, but in such a way that the modular parts can be used to create variations on those homes, these parts are one of the most important sets of assets needed for Fallout 4: New Vegas.

Western House Kit

Mojave Wasteland Progress - 12/02/18

Hey F4NV fans and supporters, and welcome to another weekly Devlog!

This last week of development has been a fairly quiet one, with a focus on making as much forward progress as possible. The LD team has been continuing work on building outwards into the worldspace, as well as polishing the "in between" areas within our current milestone region. It's easy to get caught up focusing on the big ticket locations, so taking time to focus on getting the boulders and shrubs found out in the Mojave Wasteland is key to our development process.

Alongside this, work has been ongoing on some very crucial, and very exciting, game assets. Given the number of unique creatures and enemy types in Fallout: New Vegas, a significant chunk of development resources have been devoted to the creation of assets to bring them into the new game, as well as to implement them fully with all the necessary behaviors and animations. This is currently a somewhat poorly understood part of the Creation Engine's systems, and so work on deconstructing and then utilizing these mechanics is something that will remain central to our project goals for some time into the future. Once this has been done, we should be able to far more readily implement our own animation sets for creatures without issue, and ultimately means we'll be able to bring back all of the creatures from Fallout: New Vegas!

Aside from these major points, other development has carried on slowly but steadily, with other members of the assets team carrying on with their work to bring other assets into the worldspace, and our scripting team continuing work on several core systems, including our version of Fallout: New Vegas's Hardcore Mode (stay tuned for more updates on that.)

That's all for this week's Devlog! Watch this space for more updates later in the week, and until next time, stay classy!

RenaFox's Hefty Bed - 10/02/18

For this week's Featured Content Friday, we thought we'd offer a glimpse into one of the assets needed for the Goodsprings Milestone! By 3d team member RenaFox, the Fallout: New Vegas pickup truck. Boasting capacity for not just one, but two people, as well as a hefty bed, this truck will be part of the blue collar fleet of vehicles found in F4NV!

RenaFox's Hefty Bed