Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will F4NV be available on the Xbox/PS4/Switch/Sega CDX?

A: Unfortunately, that's simply not possible at present, and is unlikely to ever be possible for several reasons. F4NV relies on the F4SE, which cannot be used with the console ports of the game. The functionality it provides is simply too important for us to sacrifice it in the name of compatibility. Size limitations on consoles is also a factor, with console mods having a maximum size of 2 GB. Even in an early development state, F4NV had exceeded this limitation, and is set to only get farther and farther out from it with each passing day. Finally, F4NV is reliant on content from Fallout: New Vegas, and indeed requires users to have a legally-obtained PC copy of the original game to run, so that these files can be extracted from the New Vegas install files via an installer that will come with the mod when it is released. Console copies of Fallout: New Vegas cannot have their files extracted and transferred in such a manner, meaning it is impossible for console users to actually install F4NV even if the other limitations are overcome.

Q: I thought you guys died or something?

A: Not quite. There was previously a Fallout 4 mod team with a similar name, and the same ultimate goal. However, internal issues caused the team to collapse and go their separate ways. A number of those talented individuals are now part of our team, alongside many new team members.

Q: Will you be working on the DLC?

A: Possibly. Our core focus is on remaking New Vegas itself. While some might say that the DLC is too important to be separated from the core of the game, we'd rather avoid any potential loss of focus on the core of the project. Additionally, given that the DLCs in New Vegas were often very much intended for higher-level characters (the first two the player can access, Lonesome Road and Old World Blues, recommend a player character around level 20, when most players will have characters around level 3-5. Lonesome Road can't even be properly started without a highly optimized character build until much later,) we feel it'd be best to focus on getting the core game out first.

Q: Will gambling be making a return?

A: Yes!

Q: Did you guys make that cool video of the guy walking from Goodsprings to Primm?

A: No. That was from the old New Vegas remake project. The majority of things you see there will not be used in F4NV.

Q: Can't you just use this thing from [Mod X]?

A: Maybe. We often reach out to modders that make cool content we think would gel with us and our work, and sometimes have modders reach out to us with their awesome works. However, given the scale of the project we're working on, and people wanting to maintain creative control over their projects, a lot of stuff that already exists as mods either already exists here in our own tailor-fit implementation, or has to be made from scratch for one reason or another.

Q: Why don't you guys update more often?

A: We actually *do* update pretty often! Check us out on any of our social media pages - you can find them with fancy links at the bottom of this page!

Q: Will the protagonist be voiced?

A: No. We currently don't believe that a voiced protagonist would lend itself to F4NV and the style of project we're aiming for. This may change down the line, but for the forseeable future, we intend to keep things nice and quiet.

Q: Will you be making any changes to the world, or will F4NV be a totally perfect recreation of Fallout: New Vegas?

A: The reality of porting to the Fallout 4 version of the Creation Engine is that we simply cannot replicate New Vegas perfectly. However, in our opinion that's a good thing. If you wanted a perfect New Vegas, you would just play New Vegas. For all the things added to Fallout 4 that you may not like, plenty of cool new things were added that we at Team F4NV really like. Better shooter controls, prettier graphics, and support for neat flash plugins really open things up for us, and let us develop a remake that is true to the original, but that can also build off of the game to create something new for seasoned fans and newcomers alike.

Q: Can I join the team?

A: Anybody is welcome to apply! Keep in mind that we aim for a high standard for our project, and so applicants tend to be fairly carefully selected. That shouldn't discourage you from applying, though. Just please have a Discord account ready for you application - it makes it a lot easier for us to get in contact and have a nicer back-and-forth conversation than emails.

Q: Will you be using a skill system like Fallout: New Vegas has?

A: Yes. I know. We're really excited too.

Q: Will I be able to play Vanilla FO4 with the mod installed?

A: Yes and no. While you'll certainly be able to play the Sole Survivor's story, some of F4NV's content will, unfortunately, bleed over into Fallout 4's content. Depending on how you feel about Fallout 4 and how things by default work, this may be seen as a plus.

Q: Will you be releasing a standalone version of [ITEM X]?

A: Maybe. As any contributions made to F4NV are free to be released as they wish by team members (or by the project itself if given the appropriate permissions,) this is something handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Will you be using Fallout 4's settlement system?

A: Yes. Player homes will be using a system based upon that used in Home Plate.

Q: Will you be adding cut content?

A: Maybe. Some pieces of cut content is more labor-intensive than others, and so we'll likely be adding it as we go along, depending on how much effort we find the content actually is to add to the game.

Q: How long have you been working on this?

A: Since the start of August 2017.

Q: Will you be opening up Freeside/The Strip??

A: We currently have no specific plans for enlarging the world space occupied by either Freeside or The Strip. However, given that we don't have to build our worldspace to play nice with mid 2000's consoles, it's likely that we'll be experimenting with potential expansions to those areas.

Q: Any update on [X]?

A: No. We'll provide updates when we feel things are ready.

Q: Will the Mojave be linked to the Commonwealth?

A: No. We'll be launching F4NV from the main menu as if it's a separate game unto itself. The Sole Survivor won't be in the Mojave, nor will Courier 6 be in the Commonwealth.

Q: Is this going to include the story?

A: Yes.

Q: Will you be adding [Thing]?

A: If it's in the base game, we'll be striving to add it to the mod. If it isn't, probably not. We may make exceptions for certain bits of cut content or tiny pieces of lore-friendly content we're given, but otherwise we won't be doing too much outside of the main game itself.

Q: Will you expand The Legion/The NCR/The Fiends?

A: No. The amount of work needed to expand a faction like that is far and away beyond the scope of our project, and would take hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work to implement, to the detriment of the rest of the project.

Q: How the hell does Caravan work?

A: Uh. Man, I dunno.